For a more dynamic and efficient development of the organic movement in Ukraine’s time to unite the efforts of all households, scientific and educational institutions, processing and other businesses and institutions interested in producing and distributing healthy, completely safe for consumption, while the cultivation and processing is taken into account would also necessarily a careful attitude to nature in general and to the land and the people it employed, in particular.

That is why in 2005 was created Organic Federation of Ukraine, which seeks overall goal of promoting the values and worldview inherent supporters global organic movement, improving the efficiency of agricultural production with the simultaneous development of the modern world and domestic safe for human nature and technology, promoting the organic movement in Ukraine, including not only direct the production, processing and export of organic products, but also the formation of the domestic market consumption, widespread dissemination of values and sperevah organic farming.

For more than 80 years of its existence as a separate stream of management, organic production in the world of the small number of farmers who produced pure, natural products for a certain range of the closest traditional consumers, has become a powerful international process that includes not only agricultural production but tightly regulated and controlled storage, processing, transportation, distribution, etc.

The situation on world food markets shows the increasing consumer interest in healthy nutrition and with the direct contribution to the preservation of the natural environment. Therefore, meet the growing demand for organic products continues to be one of the strategic directions of development of agriculture in most European countries.


Services of the Federation

  • Getting the information you need about organic production.
  • Consultation on systems, basic requirements, rules of organic farming.
  • Receiving discounts on literature published by the Federation.
  • Free participation in seminars, conferences, round tables organized by the Federation in Ukraine with the possibility of receiving handouts.
  • Assistance in obtaining information on training at the Centers for Training Specialists in Organic Farming.
  • Promoting participation in international specialized exhibitions on organic agriculture, international seminars, conferences, partial cost recovery.
  • Advertising in Federation editions:

– on the Federation website;
– in the journal “ORGANIC UA”;
– in other specialized publications.