Organizers of the conference in Kyiv on  April 16-17, 2015, as for all previous the same title conferences are:










«Good organic growing provides safe and healthy produce for consumers, but even more important is the positive impact on the environment and the people who are working in the fields. Organic production and trade in the region will only have a future if consumers trust it and the sector manages to maintain and improve the integrity of organic, developing green economy as a whole."

Dr. Eugene Milovanov, Organic Federation of Ukraine


Organic Federation of Ukraine was founded in 2005 as Ukrainian organic umbrella organization. It unites more than 250 members: farmers, processors, traders, consumers, schools and service providers specializing in organic. Organic Federation of Ukraine has established a broad communication network, regularly distributing its “ORGANIC UA” Magazine and communicating with important multipliers within Ukraine and other neighboring countries. Organic Federation of Ukraine has organized many seminars, trainings, round tables, conferences and tastings. Since 2009 it organizes All-Ukrainian Organic Market-Fairs in different cities of Ukraine. OFU prints training material, books and coordinated in the projects on adoption of organic agriculture.OFU has initiated and it coordinates holding of the annual Organic Week in Ukraine.

Organic Federation of Ukraine and Organic Services GmbH successfully co-organized in cooperation with local partners four previous conferences.

Organic Federation of Ukraine

4 Obolonska str., office 1
Kyiv, 04071 Ukraine 
Phone.: +380 (44) 425 55 25

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Gerald_grn_klein"A paradigm shift towards a sustainable farming system is necessary for the survival of this planet. To date organic farming is - even if not perfect yet - the best system for achieving this goal, and it is proven in practice. It contributes to solutions for the big problems of our age: food security, biodiversity, climate change and the ethical crisis."  

Gerald A. Herrmann, Organic Services GmbH (Germany)


 «Organic Services» is an international consultancy dedicated to support the development of the organic sector. It is based in Munich, Germany and can rely on a global network of cooperation partners with offices in India, the US and Brazil.

Organic Services has successfully organized the three previous conferences as well as a number of other high ranking international conferences like the India Organic Congress (Bangalore, India 2006) Natural Cosmetic Congress and SusCon, the International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption, the IFOAM International Conference on Marketing of Organic and Regional Values, and the BioFach Congress in Nuremberg, Germany, annually since 2006.

Organic Services GmbH

Landsbergerstr. 527
81241 München, Germany

Phone:+49 (0) 89 820759 01

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