Tbilisi 2009


The major event this fall was the second International Organization for Development of organic sector in Central / Eastern Europe and Central Asia ", held 10-11 September 2009 in Tbilisi (Georgia).

197 participants from 22 countries gathered together to share experiences and knowledge, meet new interesting people and renew old contacts and build relationships with representatives of the organic sector from around the world.

The conference was opened by Miriam Djordjadze, President of Georgia farm association Elkana. Greeted by the Mrs. Ketevan Laperashvili, representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia professor. Gela Javakhishvili, rector of the State Agrarian University of Georgia, former president of IFOAM Gerald Herrmann and on behalf of the organizers, Eugene Milovanov, President of Federation of Organic Movement of Ukraine

The two-day conference 50 speakers from 19 countries shared their experience of the organic sector in their region. The conference program included sessions:

  • Plant,
  • Viticulture and winemaking,
  • Collect dykorosiv,
  • Livestock,
  • Standards and Certification,
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • The development of the internal market,
  • Export markets.

After the conference, the participants unanimously adopted the Declaration, which reflected the desire of participants to obtain support Governments in the region and more attention from consumers.

In the foyer State Agrarian University of Georgia, Georgian and Ukrainian producers presented their organic products and traditional crafts works.

After the conference, participants were offered wine tours, during which you can visit the farms Kakheti. During the two-day tour participants learned about tratsytsiyamy Georgian wine and cooking food, enjoy the Georgian folk songs, cultural monuments and beautiful nature.

Some participants attended the International Forum "Organic production and biodiversity conservation" in Batumi (Ajara Autonomous Republic).

The conference was organized by the Organic Federation of Ukraine (Ukraine), Association of organic farmers Elkanah (Georgia), Organic Servisiz GmbH (Germany) and the State Agricultural University (Georgia).

The organizers express their gratitude to the sponsors and companies that support the Conference, including IFOAM, the World Bank, Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, Oxfam Novib, Avalon Foundation and others.